Song for Coda


Tamaryn Mirabito, flugel horn of the Brisbane Excelsior brass band has one of the sweetest, purest sounds of any flugel horn player I’ve sat next to. She and I were talking one rehearsal about what she was going to play at the upcoming 2023 Besson Slow Melody Competition at the Queensland State Championships. She replied that she didn’t really know, nothing really ‘spoke’ to her.

So I went away and wrote this slow melody for her (and her beautiful puppy Coda).

Song for Coda showcases slow melodic playing focusing on suspensions and stresses over bar lines. It is serene yet playful and there is an almost dance-like quality between the soloist and piano accompaniment.

Tamaryn played Song for Coda and won the entire Slow Melody competition, and I couldn’t be prouder of her!

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SONG FOR CODA – Flugel Horn Soloist (FREE SOLO PART)